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General Freshman Admission
A student applying for general freshman admission may submit an application any time after the completion of six semesters of high school.
Applicants must submit the following documentation for consideration by the Admissions staff:

  • Completed Undergraduate Application for admission;
  • $45 application fee;
  • Official secondary school records documenting completion of the minimum high school academic units;
  • Results of the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The admissions and academic personnel of Shepherd University may require enrollment in basic skills courses and programs or other appropriate measures for a student whose high school record and/or standardized test scores indicate a deficiency in certain areas.

    Recommended Units
    Units (Years)
    4 English (including courses in grammar, composition, and literature).
    3 social studies (including U.S. history).
    4 mathematics (three units must be Algebra I and higher).
    3 science (all courses to be college preparatory laboratory science preferably including units from biology, chemistry and physics).
    1 arts.
    2 foreign language (two units of the same foreign language).

    Elective Units
    It is recommended that the remaining elective units be chosen from the academic core (English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) or subjects such as computer science, fine arts, humanities, and keyboarding.

    Required Grade Averages and Test Scores

  • Minimum 2.0 academic grade point average (on a 4-point scale).
  • Minimum composite ACT score of 19 and/or SAT score of 910 based on critical reading and mathematics.
  • A 3.0 academic GPA and 17 ACT or 820 SAT composite, based on critical reading and mathematics, is eligible for admission.
    *Applicants who have been graduated from high school more than five years at the time of application for admissions do not need ACT or SAT scores unless specified by a specific program.

    Conditional/Provisional Admission

  • If the student has not met one or more of the required GPA, test score, or number of high school units standards set by Shepherd University and approved by the Higher Education Policy Commission (academic 2.0 with 19 ACT or 910 SAT or academic GPA 3.0 with 17 ACT or 820 SAT), the application is forwarded to the director of admissions for final admissions decision.
  • If the student is offered conditional admissions by the director of admissions, a contract is forwarded to the student and parent/guardian to sign which indicates their understanding of the academic policy requirements.
  • It is required that all conditionally/provisionally enrolled students are to enroll in the special topics course (Philosophy 100) which is designed specifically for the needs of this population. This course:
    • Is taught by our most experienced and engaging faculty members from various departments throughout the University.
    • Helps to cultivate valued skills in the liberal arts such as critical reading and analysis, writing and discussion, and argument and debate.
    • Introduces students to many helpful campus resources as well as college transition strategies like time management, study skills, note-taking, and coping with test anxiety, to name a few.
    • Provides the student with three hours of elective credit, which will provide the student with lifelong skills that provide a gateway to college success.
  • Notification of all conditionally/provisionally enrolled students will be provided to the university retention specialist to assist in monitoring student academic success.
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